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Dr. Ivan Misner

Business is ART helps entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business and organizational leaders to be less overwhelmed and dramatically more successful. By providing them with the simple to use tools, information and experience they need, Business is ART can help them increase their odds by 30 to 50 percent or more.

That’s the elevator pitch. Now let’s break it down:

  • The Vision for BIA is that small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are dramatically more successful: improving their odds by at least 30 to 50 percent.
  • The Mission of BIA is to provide entrepreneurs, businesses and organizational leaders with the easy to use tools that they need.
  • The Purpose of BIA is to help others to feel less overwhelmed, get organized and focus.

Business is ART is a book, yes. But it is so much more. The following overview helps explain.


It is estimated that only 40% to 50% of new businesses are still around after 5 years and the majority that fail do not have a plan. Formal plans more than double the chance of success and studies have found that established businesses with formal plans grow 30% faster than those without.

And yet, the majority of businesses do not have formal plans.

Seemingly, most available processes, methodologies, templates and tools are designed for large companies or people with advanced business degrees, but what about everyone else? The vast majority of entrepreneurs, business owners and organizational leaders don’t have large planning budgets and access to the types of resources necessary for using complex planning tools.

Business is ART leads you through an easy to follow approach to business as ART, beginning with the vision and painting the picture through strategic planning, business planning and key performance metric tracking.

The Emphasis is on Simplicity

The emphasis is on ease, simplicity and visual appeal in order to keep you engaged in the process long after putting down the book. The read is light, humorous and includes several real-life examples, stories, quotes and anecdotes.

Along the way it provides simplified, table-driven templates for creating plans and introduces a new, proprietary tool for tracking metrics: the PingChart®.

Finally, Business is ART has evolved in to a series of products and services that can help you dramatically increase your odds of success and feel less overwhelmed.

Foreword from Professor Roy Lewicki, Irving Abramowitz Professor Emeritus, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

roy lewickiAs one of the faculty in Jon’s Executive MBA Program, I knew that he had a lot to say and that he would make the most of his experience. Business is ART is an inspiring collection of the best of a professional business school education, tempered with insight, humor and the wisdom that comes from years of practical experience.

Not everyone has the means, desire or need to seek an advanced degree in business, but every business owner and organizational leader needs to understand and apply the basic principles of good business practices. From the business novice looking for tools to help get to the next level to the seasoned professional looking for refresher material, Business is ART provides some of those basic principles that, when applied, increase the odds of success.

And who doesn’t want better odds?

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What People Have to Say About Business is Art

“Jon does a great job ARTiculating his business and personal development strategies. A clear winner in terms of finding solutions to help achieve your long and short term business goals.” –Dr. Sanjay Jain, Wellness Expert, Author of Optimal Living 360

“Success doesn’t happen to you. You create success. In Business is ART, Jon Umstead uses his own experiences to guide you along the envisioning, tracking and attainment of your short and long term goals. A great tool no matter where you are in your life or career.” –Michael McDorman, President & CEO, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

“I provided coaching services to Jon during the growth period used as a case study in Business is ART. He captures the experience well and provides great examples and tools that business owners and organizational leaders can use to create higher levels of success.” –Rich Tafel, President, PublicSquared

“An excellent resource for start-ups, existing businesses and companies wanting to retool themselves. Jon is an amazing guide—you will keep returning to his words over and again!” –Paul Butare, CEO Coach, Former CEO, Acrosoft Corporation

“Business is Art will help anyone who is starting out or needs to refresh their skills in this highly competitive business environment. Jon breaks down the fundamentals in a way that is both fun to read and thought provoking. Anyone looking for new thoughts about how to succeed should be reading this.” –Kim Kelly-Bartley, Vice President, Marketing and Menu Development, White Castle Management Co

“Jon brings to light his unique perspective on key success factors for businesses of all stages and sizes. Businesses rarely fail due to a poor idea or concept, rather poor execution; and Jon has done a masterful job of concisely articulating powerful tools and methodologies to help business leaders do just that…execute!” –Travis Pine, President, Lone Pine Holdings, Co-Founder Torrent Technologies, Inc.

“As Founder and CEO of a start-up health-tech company, I know first hand how difficult it can be to achieve business success. Building a product, attracting and retaining customers, securing capital and talent, and managing growth is hard work. Jon Umstead’s insightful and easy to read Business is ART won’t make the work easier, but following Jon’s advice will increase the chance your hard work will pay off.” –Abner Mason, CEO ConsejoSano