Are you looking for a speaker for your next conference or event? Whether it is a large or small group, I have a number of presentations developed for the Business is ART “Speaker Series” that your attendees will find interesting and engaging.

Each one can be be tailored to your needs and can come in the form of:

- 10 to 20 minute talks/presentations
- 45 minute to 1 hour interactive discussions/presentations
- Half, full or multi-day workshops

I have worked with organizations to qualify the 45 minute to 1 hour sessions for CE credits and am happy to do the same through your organization. Upon request, I also develop new, uniquely customized presentations to fit your needs.

Scroll down to see what the speaker series currently includes.

Odd Makers

Based on the 12-Step Business is ART Process, this presentation walks through creation of the vision, the strategic plan, the business plan – and everything in between – to teach your audience how to improve their odds of business success. This 3-minute video overview of Business is ART helps set the context for both the book and the Odds Makers presentation.

Getting Out of a RUT (Really Ugly Time)

We all get stuck now and then. Stuck in life. Stuck in business. Stuck in our jobs. Stuck in school. Stuck in a RUT. This presentation walks the audience through some techniques for getting out. I highlighted a few of these techniques on Dayton, Ohio’s NBC affiliate WDTN’s television show “Living Dayton”, which you can find on the BIA Home page.

Dealing with Doubt

I can’t. Not me. Why would anyone care about what I have to say? Who am I? Self-doubt destroys your ability to be the best you that you can be. It stops you from going after your dreams. And there is no need for it. In this presentation, your audience will learn some simple techniques for dealing with doubt. I highlighted a few of these techniques on Dayton, Ohio’s NBC affiliate WDTN’s television show “Living Dayton”, which you can view by clicking here.

The Shackles of Choreography

Based on a Section of Business is ART. Do you like line dancing? Thats great if you do, but I don’t. So instead of doing it, I tell people I refuse to be constrained by the shackles of choreography. In business, and in life, it is far too easy to become constrained, or shackled. In this presentation, the audience will learn a few tips for throwing off the shackles and learning a few new dance steps of their own. You can read more about it in the book Business is ART and/or in the February 29, 2016 BIA Blog Post entitled “Why Choreography in Business Can Hold You Back.”

Let's discuss how I can help with your next conference or event.