Strategize to Maximize


Running a successful business means much more than having a product that customers want and are willing to pay for. It is also about formulating actionable plans, being flexible enough to make changes to them as you go, having the discipline to measure progress, and, importantly, having the patience to think before taking action. It […]

3 Pretty Cool Startups

Early Risers

I was fortunate enough to hear presentations from 3 pretty cool startups last week at Dayton Tech Guide’s Early Risers program at the Entrepreneur’s Center. This monthly gathering provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pitch their ideas to others that have been there. The spirit is really one of wanting to help each other out, which is, […]

When Should You Plan to Access Capital?

access to capital

Sometimes, you need access to capital – a cash infusion to make your dream a reality. Hard work isn’t always enough. Don’t let that prospect scare you because there are options. It is up to you how well you prepare for them. Micah Dickson, Small Business Community Lender with Fifth Third Bank was a recent […]

Did the Plan Fail, or Did You Fail Your People?


You have great people. You have a great product and service. You have a plan, and, man, is it a good one. And then…crickets! Nothing. Nada. Zilch. What happened? It could be any number of things. One of them could be you, or more specifically, your leadership. Did you fail your people? An unscientific experiment […]

Fail Forward – Lessons Learned from Experienced Entrepreneurs


If you’re going to fail, fail forward. Last week I attended various sessions at Dayton Startup Week, a weeklong event put on by the Dayton Tech Guide. One of the sessions that caught my eye was entitled “Tales from the Crypt: lessons learned from a failed startup” with presenters Andy Cothrel, Founder/President of Blue Marble […]

In the Pursuit of Harmony

tom rubens

A recent guest on the Business is ART podcast at the TrueChat Network was coach and best selling author Tom Rubens. We focused on Tom’s book Lifeness: Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life, but there are several points made during the show that are summarized here. One of the things Tom likes to tell people is that […]

Should I Sell My Successful Business?


Sell the business? When an entrepreneur starts off, they’re often so concerned about whether or not their business will succeed that they don’t know what to do when it actually does succeed. So many authors and motivational business speakers focus solely on starting out and facing challenges and achieving success. But what happens when you […]