jonumsteadWhen Justice Yvette McGee Brown of the Ohio Supreme Court delivered her commencement speech to the Spring 2013 graduating class of Urbana University, something she said dramatically changed the way I view the world and myself.

Justice Brown was speaking directly to those graduating that day, which included my oldest daughter, but her words spoke to me as well. She urged the graduates to go out and be significant, and not to focus on success. Instead, our focus should be on significance because when we focus on success, it’s all about ourselves. When we focus on significance, it’s all about everyone else.

I wrote about this experience in an article published by Smart Business, which you can find by clicking here.

For me, significance is helping others to be more successful through Business is ART – not just the book, but my consulting services and everything about the Business is ART framework, including all of the free content I provide.

I have over 30 years of professional experience at various levels of leadership in both large and small companies. I am also experienced in a variety of industries, am an entrepreneur and hold a BS degree in Management Science from Wright State University with an Executive MBA from The Ohio State University.

All of these things have helped shape who I am, but where I truly earned my stripes was in leading an acquired company for nearly 10 years. Under that leadership, the business grew from approximately $21 million in annual revenue to over $80 million. It also grew to a size of more than 700 employees. I of course am not singularly responsible for that growth. My team and I had a lot of help. We deliberately followed some processes, unwittingly followed others along the way, and made up a few as we went.

I have since formalized, refined, simplified and documented those processes as “Business is ART: Articulate, Revise, Track,” and have created consulting products and services based on them. I want you to have access to the same tools and assistance that I had, but at a very small fraction of the price, and delivered in a much more simplified manner.

Your success is my mission. My experience is your asset.

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