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In Segment #23 of the Business is ART podcast on the TrueChat network, my guest, Jason Cozad, and I discuss customer service and what good customer service means.

In wrapping up the show, we summarized 5 points that you should consider when developing your own customer service strategy or approach.

Know Your Customer

Jason tells of a customer he recently acquired for one simple reason. His competitor did not know this customer even after servicing the account for 20 years. After 4 failed attempts to provide the customer with something that they had always purchased, the customer finally left in frustration.

BIA Podcast on the TrueChat Network
BIA Podcast on the TrueChat Network

Make Sure the Customer Knows You

In Jason’s case, this is perhaps more important than it may be for some because in order to provide his service, he actually has to go into the home or place of business of the customer. A certain level of trust must therefor be established, which begins with a presentable appearance. Other means to ensuring the customer knows you include seeking out referrals and testimonials, providing a website, or being active on your business Facebook page where people can get to know you a little bit on their own, before contacting you.

Listen to the Customer

Knowing the customer and listening to the customer are not necessarily the same things. Just because you know the customers well, don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what they want or need. Take time to listen to what they are saying to you.

Own Your Mistakes

None of us are infallible and mistakes can be made. The important thing to do is “own” them. Make it a priority to correct mistakes on the customer’s timeline, not yours. Spending a little extra time or money fixing an error will pay for itself in the long, and perhaps even short run.

The Best Sales Pitch is No Pitch at All

As Jason notes, he used to sell products in addition to services. He has since learned that when he provides excellent service, the products sell themselves. He provides them, and charges a fair rate for them, but he doesn’t have to “sell” them in the classic sense.

You Decide

Customer service can be a great differentiator in your business. If you take care of the customer, the revenue and profit will come. If all you focus on are the revenue and profit, the customer will leave.

Which scenario would you prefer?

Please contact me to discuss this or any other business related topic, and tell us how you ensure good customer service in the comments section below.